Do Not Go There. It’s Not Safe. You Will Die.

Those are not the only comments we received on our road trip.
  • Can I join? I mean, really, I want to come too!
  • How did you come up with such a crazy idea?
  • Do you need somebody to carry your bags because I can make myself available?
  • It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!
  • How can you afford this?
  • Is Patrick making you do this?
  • Will you return together? Are you going to sit in a car together for 6 months?
  • I think you will last only 4 weeks.
  • Are you going to come back?
  • It’s now or never!*
  • Will you keep a travel blog?
  • What do you parents say about this?
  • You must be crazy. This is so not like you!
After 6 months of planning we are ready to go… and if ever we get in a situation where we don’t know what to do, we will keep calm and drive south.
* I don’t believe it’s “now or never”. But it definitely is NOW!

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