Friends (Are People Who Are Not Strangers)

The last week has officially started now. In one week time we should arrive in Vancouver, safely landed, maybe a little bit jet lagged but ready to start our journey starting with the search for a car.

At work we’re cleaning up our inbox and we’re making sure that all tasks are handed over so that we can leave ‘met een gerust hart’. So much needs to happen still during these last days (amongst which also repairing the washing machine and going to the dentist …).

During this busy time we also try to make time to ensure that we can properly say good-bye to our closest friends and family. The colleagues from work have already had a farewell evening and we also already said good-bye to the game club friends.

Thanks all for all your tips and advice but also for taking care of our house and lovely rabbit while we are away. We will all miss you very much!

Image 1

We will think of you when we have the below song playing on our radio. 🙂

If you cross the road and a truck struck you,

I’ll scrape you up and reconstruct you.

I’ll cheer you up if you’re depressed.

If you get murdered I’ll avenge your death.

Lalalala …. friends friends friends friends

or in the Spanish version 🙂 (especially for Patrick)

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