Crazy World

Well… that was interesting!

That’s the least we can say about today. It all started in the morning when we heard the door bell ring of our AirBnB and noticed 2 lovely people waiting for the landlord to arrive. So now it turns out that our place is booked the whole weekend for a wedding reception and the whole family is moving in. I know right… what?! So we had to pack all our stuff again and move it back to the ‘old’ location. This comes with a little side note to understand the full story. When we just got here, we had to move all our stuff from one place to another because ‘the other place is much nicer’. So when we said well, why didn’t you tell us yesterday or before that we would be moving back… she said, we’re very sorry but you will have to move anyway. Great! 🙂 So as we didn’t want to spoil the weekend for this lovely couple we just said ok, that’s fine. When we arrived at the other place there was already a British couple renting the above appartment so now we are sleeping in what seems to be the children’s or grandma’s bedroom of the Chinese landlord in the basement of the house. It’s all clean and all so that’s okay. It’s just all very very bizarre.

Then, we decided to go and get our car together with Marc and Marisa and when we got on the bus and we called to say that we were on our way, the sales guy freaked us out by saying that it wouldn’t be ready. That they were working on it and that a part was missing. That got us all worried like ‘what’s he doing to our car’ and ‘what? why didn’t you tell us?’. He could at least have called us to save us the trouble of our trip. But Patrick stood his ground and said we were coming anyway. When we arrived there was another guy (Victor) who seemed quite genuine and got us convinced that it’s all going to be fine. So we made the payment with all the cash money and credit cards we had (thanks superman Marc for helping out here!), got ourselves insurance (which is very expensive in this country!) and got ourselves a car (yippie)!!! We just couldn’t take it home (because of the missing part). We agreed with Victor that he will come and drop the car of in Vancouver city when it’s ready to avoid us having to take the sky-train and bus all the way back to Langley again tomorrow. Let’s hope we didn’t put our trust in the wrong guy but like we said, he seems quite genuine and the car is already on Patrick’s name anyway. We also asked the dealer how we were supposed to get back home – as we were kinda expecting to be able to take the car with us – and Victor had to drop of a car near New Westminster so he said we could drive back with him which was a very nice gesture of him.



Back in town we went for a few drinks in very lovely pubs recommended by Marc and then headed to the Westside of Vancouver to find the AirBnB from Marc and Marisa.





It seems though that Marc somehow mixed up the dates and the AirBnB was not available which was very unfortunate because it looked really nice! So they had to find a hotel instead. Luckily they managed to find something and once they were settled, we started searching for a good place to eat. We headed for this lovely Japanese restaurant called ‘Guu’ which was absolutely delicious!



We then headed back to our place. Trying to find the light of our bedroom, we accidentally opened a door in the house and found this woman sleeping on the couch which was totally bizarre. I’m thinking she’s probably the one that got kicked out of the bedroom which we are sleeping in now. Anyway, it was a bizarre end for a bizarre day which in the end turned out to be all okay. I’m just hoping we don’t get more funny stories here and that the car is going to arrive save and sound tomorrow morning.

I fear real danger
This world ain’t simple
But I’m strong, I know how to get out

2 responses

  1. haha, did I tell you good luck with renting from Chinese landlord, they can be tricky. anyway, looking like you guys are improving the skills of dealing with crisis by the day, it’s important for later trip. Keep it up

    congratulations for the new car, looks awesome

  2. It was great meeting you both! Thanks for the wedding gift 😉

    We’re glad the second place worked and you got your car 🙂

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