Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

On Sunday we went to ‘Canadian Tire’ and ‘Home Depot’ to look for plastic boxes to be able to better organise the car. We found some really good ones in the first store which perfectly fit within the car trunk. Unfortunately Lady Fortune was not completely on our side as we discovered a rattling sound underneath the passenger seat so we need to get that fixed. We decided to leave the car parked in front of the AirBnB and bring it in for maintenance on Monday.

We met Marc and Marisa at the food cart fest and enjoyed an Indian lunch.




Then we headed to Granville Island (which is technically not an island …) with the Aquabus.



We found a wonderful market (Granville Island Public Market) where farmers were selling local food and dishes.






Walking back into Vancouver town we got a beautiful view over the ocean and Stanley Park from the Burrard bridge. We will try to go to the park in the coming days.


To close off the day we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called ‘Miku’. The food was de-li-cious!! Sashimi, sushi, shrimp, etc all straight from the ocean. (and yes, the salmon IS indeed a lot more pink :))







At the end of the day we had to say goodbye to Marc and Marisa as they will fly back to Toronto and Ottawa. 😦 We will miss you guys!


Now I’m sitting here,
Sipping at my ice cold beer,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

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