Everybody’s Heard About The Bird

Today was our second day on Vancouver Island. We spent the night at Cowichan Bay and then drove down to Victoria. Victoria is a nice little town although a bit touristy.



You can also sign up for a whale watching trip but we thought it was a little too expensive ($100 per person) plus we already found these guys in the city centre.


We will take the ferry off the island tomorrow but you can also take the seaplane!


The air plane company works like a real airport. They have real ticket control and they call passengers to onboard the flights through speakers. We especially liked the gate 🙂


Marijke wanted to go with this option but then realised that we also have a car to transport… 🙂 People have said that our car is ‘too clean’ for a road trip. Enter the birds of Victoria, stage left.

We spent a couple of hours in Victoria, making full use of wireless internet at a coffee shop named ‘Heist’. After we had uploaded and downloaded everything we needed, we did some grocery shopping and drove back up the island to Shawnigan Lake. We stopped at a very nice viewpoint next to the Trans Canada Highway and had lunch.

After lunch, we spent some time relaxing at the lake.


The main event of the day was still to come: our first hike. We put on our walking shoes and hiked to the top of Cobble Hill. We were rewarded with great views of the ocean, islands and mountain ranges. It was such a bright day that we even saw Mount Baker, which is 130 kilometres away.




We had dinner by the seaside and then drove back to Tom and Connie’s place for our last night in Canada. Coming up tomorrow: the US of A!

Well everybody’s heard about the bird

Bird bird bird bird bird bird!


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  1. The tree with the peeling bark is called an Arbutus tree…just in case you didn’t know:)
    You might see whales (orcas aka killer whales) on your ferry trip to Anacortes. All the whale watching boats go near the San Juan Islands and that’s where you are going! My fingers are crossed for you:)

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