Do The Clam

Brussels has the Atomium from 1958. I did not know until today that the following world’s fair was in 1962 in… Seattle! Today we acted as real tourists in the big city of Seattle. We went to see the Fremont Troll, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Experience Music Project building, Pioneer Square, Seattle Library, the Great Wheel and the very first Starbucks coffee bar.








Walking through the tall buildings you could see the beautiful reflections in the windows.


We also went off the beaten path and found these hidden treasures in the city. You would find the last one interesting if you knew what it’s made of. 🙂





For lunch we had the traditional clam chowder in the ‘Pike Place Chowder’ which is apparently the best in the city for already multiple years. We can admit that it was delicious!


Then we headed further south and crossed the world biggest arena with a wooden dome in Tacoma.


We spotted Mount Saint Helens in the distance and decided to go for a visit in the information centre. It is famous (infamous) for the large vulcanic explosion in 1980 that completely changed the face of the mountain. As it was already closed we just had a little walk around the area and followed a short swamp trail. Tomorrow we will hike around Mount Saint Helens!







You can get your heart to spin
On the outside looking in
Moon ain’t gonna last all night
Well let’s work up an appetite


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