I Want To Be In America

Today we went for border crossing number 3! Passing from Belgium to the Netherlands was by far the easiest. From the Netherlands to Canada was pretty smooth too. Today we took the car on the ferry from Sidney (on Vancouver Island, Canada) to Anacortes (in Washington State, USA). We booked the ticket already yesterday, so no stress about missing the boat! We drove for about 45 minutes up to the terminal, paid for the tickets and drove up to the US border: sunglasses off and big smiles on! Patrick’s paperwork was all good, but when Marijke’s passport was scanned the alarm went off. Officer Perez’ computer malfunctioned, to which he replied “it means I’m going to have to shoot you now!”. We put even bigger smiles on. Marijke had to fill out some paperwork, get her finger prints taken and we were stamped in to the USA without any problem. We also got some instructions about what we need to do when we leave to Mexico later on.

On the 2,5 hour ferry ride we enjoyed beautiful views of the islands up close and the mountains far away. Again no whales spotted though.
Once we drove off the ferry, we still had to pass US customs. Patrick made it through, Marijke made it, the car made, … but unfortunately there were some victims. The watermelon (from an unidentified location), tomatoes (from Mexico), an apple (from New Zealand) ended up in a big bin which was going to be liquidated at the end of the day. 😦 Poor watermelon. After commemorating our losses, we drove into Washington state and headed for the Snoqualmie falls. The road up to the falls was longer then expected but along the way we saw some beautiful scenery.
Then we headed for our motel in Seattle. From the car we got a first few shots over the Seattle stadium and skyline.
Tomorrow we will go and visit the city that is the home of Microsoft and Starbucks.
Automobile in America
Chromium steel in America
Wire spoke wheel in America
Very big deal in America

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