I Like Big Butt(e)s

We arrived in Bend quite late, so we had a long and refreshing sleep in the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel. Bend is not a major tourist destination, but we came here on a mission: installing our roof top tent. With the friendly help of Shawn we finished the job in about 2,5 hours. Shawn had to go to the hardware store to get different bolts and because our roof racks are quite low, it was a tricky job.


Marijke insisted on finding a tourist attraction in the neighbourhood, which led us to the Lave Butte (we are not sure how to pronounce it…). Although the park was closed, the park ranger told us we could park at the bottom and then walk up. We were especially amazed by the views from the hillsides and the half-dead plants growing in this black mass.

Our plan was to camp near Crater Lake, but when we arrived at the camp site it was already full. That meant we had to drive a bit further to ‘Farewell Bend campground’, where we parked the car and got in our tent! The drive around Crater Lake was impressive, we will come back tomorrow for the view!


I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other fellas can’t deny

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