Welcome To The Hotel California

It turns out sleeping in the roof top tent is AMAZING! 🙂 We have a lot more space them we anticipated and we can even hang things on the ‘ceiling’. We also didn’t fall through or crashed the car whilst getting inside so that’s a very positive point too. We spent most of the morning reorganising our stuff so that we are more accustomed to camping.


We even installed a wash line in the car made out of electricity wire and a little creativity (you never know when a little experience in renovations comes in handy…)


Today we had a lot of driving ahead of us as we needed to get to Eagle Lake, which is located in California near Susanville, before sunset. Yesterday we noticed that it’s better to arrive during daylight to ensure that you know where to find the showers… to avoid having to wash yourself over a sink in the ladies washroom (yes, Patrick was there too 🙂 )

We did have a quick sneak view at Crater Lake though since we were so close-by. It was formed when a volcano collapsed over 6,000 years ago and discovered 100 years ago by a gold digger on a mule!



Then we headed south to our new camp site. Along the way we saw a lot of new landscapes. Most of them were farmland, forests or desert.




At some point we even felt like we were participating a Formula 1 race as we had to follow a pilot car. (don’t worry, that’s how they organise road works in the US … it’s pretty amazing actually… they even have people standing at both ends indicating whether you need to stop or continue driving. In Belgium we would just put a timed traffic light…)


… when finally we saw a lake appearing behind the horizon.


As we arrived well before sunset, we decided to go for a little stroll near the lake.


When we got back we even installed a little camp fire and made a cup of tea before going to bed!

And finally – and most importantly – we are very proud to welcome Patrick’s goddaughter Améline to the world! It will be Christmas most likely by the time we see her but we can already confirm she looks lovely.
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night


3 responses

  1. die tent is super cool! morgen toon ik die aan Lennert! heel blij met de blog dat we alles kunnen volgen! hoewel het bijna irreëel is, dat jullie zo ver weg de wereld leren kennen en wij hier gewoon thuis het leven van alle dag beleven! geniet ervan!!!

  2. Waw, Améline haalde al jullie blog 🙂 Ze stelt het prima, voorlopig alleszins ook heel rustig. Als we thuis zijn, proberen we eens te skypen zodat je kan zien wat voor een lief petekindje ze is. Ondertss genieten we mee van jullie avonturen op de blog, really great! And don’t spend all your money in Vegas 🙂

  3. Hey Patrick & Marijke ! Whaow, al wat km afgelegd ! Ik kan zo snel de posts niet lezen als jullie verder naar het zuiden trekken 🙂
    Wel leuk jullie te kunnen volgen via de blog ! Schitterende foto’s, doet de thuisblijvers toch wel even wegdromen 😉
    Goeie reis, geniet ervan & be safe

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