All The Way To Reno

Today we drove all the way to Reno, and beyond. Our target of the day: find a campground near lake Tahoe. So Patrick got in the driver’s seat and Marijke in the camera seat and we started heading further south. Along the way we saw these mountain tops. Slowly it feels that we are getting more and more close to Death Valley and warm deserted deserts.



We also came across some other lakes. ‘White Lake’ for example which is actually a desert lake consisting of white sand.


And ‘Grass lake’ which is technically a lake but fully covered with grass.


When we got to ‘Lake Tahoe’, we noticed that this was very touristic and that all campgrounds were already taken. After taking a few shots from the lake surface, we headed further south. Interesting to note that Lake Tahoe, despite it being 32 degrees today, hosted the Winter Olympics! The highest point we reached today was 2,400 metres so no wonder they get a lot of snow in winter!



We decided to keep on driving towards ‘Indian Creek’ which was recommended to us by Tom. It was a bit of a drive still but very much worth it. This campground is perfect. It’s close to a lake of its own and there is almost nobody else around. The place is also far away from any highway or tourist attraction so I’m expecting to see a lot of stars tonight!




We have also seen a lot of chipmunks and swallows while travelling through this part of the USA.




All the way to Reno

You’ve written your own directions

And whistled the rules of change.

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  1. Fabulous!!!!!! Love the chipmunks!!! Views are amazing to see in the photographs! Enjoy and keep safe. Sharon x

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