Higher And Higher

The morning sun started to warm up our tent so we got up early to have some fresh breakfast. As nothing goes better with a fresh bowl of strawberries and Nutella chocolate spread than tea (or so the English would agree), Patrick tried out the gas fire for the first time, with success (sorry Moeke, he didn’t burn off his beard :))!



After this, we started to drive towards Big Pine, a city in the middle of the Sierra Nevada in California. Marijke was still working very hard as senior executive camera crew lead and made following shots of California while driving through.






We had a small stop at ‘Lake Mono’ where Patrick ate a corn dog on a stick. As you can see, he wasn’t quite sure how to eat this… 🙂



And then we continued our drive going higher and higher up in the mountains. At some point we reached 2,534 meters high (8,000 feet) – driving over ‘Monitor Pass’ – after which the mountains started to disappear in the fog.






Driving up to our campground area was a little frightening as all we could see was dirt, stone and mountains. Temperature was also rising higher and higher over 35°C so we were looking forward to seeing some civilisation and filling up on drinking water.




Once we got closer to the camp ground, green trees started to appear again and there was even a little river available where we scared the bejesus out of a wild deer (sorry mr/ms deer). It quickly headed back to the rest of the deer family who was hiding in the mountains.




Tomorrow we will challenge our fate in Death Valley – where 35° is a mild spring afternoon.

You know your love – your love keeps lifting me

Keep on lifting – love keeps lifting me

Higher, higher and higher


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