All You Need Is A Strong Heart And Nerves Of Steel

Perfect timing! We met Val & Koen and the kids in Las Vegas. They arrived at the hotel 15 minutes after us! It was great to see family on the other side of the Atlantic!

You can see Belgium at night from outer space because of all the traffic lights but from Death Valley it’s even cooler as you can see outer space from Earth! As we didn’t bring our camera and you would probably need a special lens to capture the image we don’t have a picture unfortunately.

The sky in Las Vegas looks completely different though. Everywhere you look you see big, bigger and biggest.


Whilst we were just checking in into our hotel, we came across some familiar faces. Together we explored the city and its burlesque inhabitants. It’s completely absurd the number of slots, roulettes, card tables, etc you can find just walking through this city. Luckily we kept our heads cool and did not get persuaded to throw away our money even though they really try everything possible to lure you.


In search for our lunch location in ‘Planet Hollywood’ we walked through ‘Ceasar’s Palace’. Even at this time of the day, people were already hooked up on the slot machines, pushing away their pennies.


Walking back via the Vegas strip in 40°C – even with the water sprinklers at the terraces – we had to cool down in the pool at the roof of the hotel.


It’s amazing to see how many people walk around in Las Vegas. It gets even worse at nightfall. Val was luckily much more prepared than we were and had made a reservation for us all in the ‘Mon Ami Gabi’, a very nice French themed restaurant across the ‘Bellagio’.


While Val and Koen went back to the hotel to put the kids to sleep, we explored the city of sin a little further. This is when we noticed that the real Las Vegas only truly shows itself at night.





It was certainly a day to remember. We’re still not sure whether to like it or hate it but Las Vegas is definitely the most extravagant city we’ve ever seen.

_DSC8342 _DSC8315

There’s poker and black jack and the roulette wheel

A fortune won and lost on every deal

All you need is a strong heart and nerves of steel

Viva Las Vegas!

2 responses

  1. Schitterend, familie-gathering in Las Vegas ! Iedereen straalt op de fotookes, zo moet dat. Groetjes aan iedereen !!!
    And remember, don’t spend all your money in Vegas 😉

  2. toch een kleine wereld als je elkaar in Vegas tegenkomt 😉
    gekke stad! leuke ontmoeting! merci voor de fotootjes!

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