(Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For

The central theme of today was all about patience. In the morning we started the day by waiting for the taxi.


When the cab was there we headed of to the RV dealer. As you can see, Koen was really excited about getting his big van 🙂


Having arrived, we had to wait for the RV to be ready and mum and dad got a full instruction tour on how to use this new big toy. In the meantime we kept ourselves busy entertaining the kids. Well, some didn’t need to be entertained and kept themselves busy 🙂


Then we got to see the RV for the first time. Everyone was happy about the size and content so we approved it and went shopping in the Walmart to stock on main supplies for the road; so we went for the big shop!



Now that everything was settled, we headed for our first tourist stop of the day … the ‘Hoover Dam’. Before we even had the chance to take a glimpse of the dam we were asked to pass through security and we were held aside to get our roof tent checked. You know, you can never know if we’re hiding a bomb in there…. Having passed the test, we were able to go and have a look from up close.




Not being able anymore to take the 42°C, we went back to our car and started the long drive through Route 66 to Williams, Arizona where we had our campground booked. On the road we had different passengers to entertain each of them asking us ‘are we there yet’ which made us wonder if we need to build up on our entertainment skills… :).




These are the pictures from the surroundings during the drive but for some reason there was always this annoying big RV on the road in front of us… 🙂




By the time we arrived at the campground, it was already dark. So we had dinner and went to bed straight afterwards!
So I’ve sat and watch an ice age thaw
Are you the one that I’ve been waiting for?

4 responses

  1. Aha, Williams – Arizona. Dat is dus aan de South Rim van de Grand Canyon.

    Get your kicks on Route 66 !

    1. Yes sir! We zijn op de South Rim gebleven maar zo een trail door de Canyon van zuid naar noord is wel de moeite!

  2. For one second, i thought you guys turned your car into trailer house car 🙂

    1. The shower and toilet would be a nice addition…

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