Forty Shades Of Green

We managed to sleep through most of the Mexican disco and, after a short walk to the toilets, we headed back to the Basaseachi waterfall to see if we could get a better look from the foot of the waterfalls. As it turns out, it takes about 5 hours to get to the bottom of the waterfalls and back – so we skipped that. We got back to the car and drove to Creel to see the ‘Barrancas del Cobre’, a.k.a. the Copper Canyon!


The drive was much more relaxed than yesterday, with longer straight roads and not too much traffic (both cars and animals). We had a roadside picnic about an hour before arriving in Creel.





Creel is a small mountain town, with relatively few tourists (we spotted 2 – apart from us). Today apparently was payday for a lot of the poor people who live on benefits – so it was rather busy in the main street.

During our walk around town we had to find shelter for the anticipated rain showers.


We are not yet very used to eating very late in the evening – as it the local custom – so Patrick already had a burrito in the small yellow shack on the right. As the guy running it did not have any change for 100 pesos (6 euro), we’ll go back for breakfast tomorrow and pay him then.


Tonight we will be sleeping in the campground of the ‘Mexican Villa’, where we can use the shower and toilets of the hotel.


28 days and 6,000 kilometers and still going strong!

Again I want to see and do the things we’ve done and seen

Where the breeze is sweet as Shalimar and there’s forty shades of green

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  1. “Still” is the key word or “strong” is the key word? ah, ok, “still strong ” are the key words

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