Matarile Rile Rile

Yesterday we were so tired from the ride that we decided to take a short nap. At 1:00 am we woke up realising we slept 6 hours straight. As there was nothing else to do and we were both awake, we tested our new game ‘Gloom’. Patrick won two times in a row. That made us sleepy again so we went back to bed and only woke up at 6:00 am. Nature is probably telling us here to catch up on some sleep from the previous night…

Freshly awake we decided to take a shower, only to discover that there was no water anymore (we tried all the pipes, none were working). Wondering where the water went to (the sink also stopped dripping) and desperate for a morning wash-up, we used our back-up water from the car (this is a container of 5 gallon with water that we use to wash our clothes and do our dishes). Off course the water started working again by the time we were finished… but hey, at least we could take off.

As we were low on food supplies, we decided to stop in the local supermarket to get our stock back on minimum level. We discovered that food really doesn’t cost anything here. For a full cooler, we only had to pay 115 pesos (which is the equivalent of about 8 euro – for comparison, in the USA for the same we paid about 30 dollars).

With our new stock on hand, we headed back on the road, zig-zagging towards Basaseachi.





We also saw a lot of mules, horses, bulls and dogs along the way… loose that is… on the street.



When we arrived at the campground site, we were completely awed by the lack of organisation. People seemed to be parking anywhere they pleased, there was no reception to help you explain the campground and the campground places, well, they come with a lot of improvisation. Armed with our phrasebooks we started conversation with the closest available Mexican asking where we could park our car. This lead to a place on the mountain side. Rodrigo had his first challenge crawling up this very bumpy hill. Once the car was stable and secured, we went for a small walk to the water falls (270m high) adjacent to the camp site.



_DSC9923 _DSC9916

We also saw this beautiful butterfly and eagle in close-up today.



And then the heavens opened up again so we ran for shelter into the car and read up on some Meso-American history.

We think tonight might become challenging for sleeping again as a local Mexican, parked behind us, decided to turn his car into a disco bar… Everybody!…

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