Seven Horses In The Sky

Okay, we did not see any horses in the sky (we did see a guy transporting a horse in his pick-up truck yesterday!), but we did see a lot of birds, turtles and this truly amazing duck! šŸ™‚


It was a long drive today all the way from Chihuahua to Durango (700 kilometers in total). As there was nothing else to do today then look out of the car and entertain ourselves by playing word games, we don’t have many interesting pictures. We saw a lot of desert land as well as farms and vineyards (peanut trees, corn fields, bean fields and other local vegetables).





We also saw many small tornados in the desert sands. This one was especially close to us.


What most surprised us though were the toll booths. In total we crossed 9 (!) and paid more than 800 pesos (that’s about 48 euro).



Tomorrow we will arrive at the ocean again at a place identified by Gilbert as a must-see location which is not swamped by tourists yet. On the way there we will cross a major – but imaginary – milestone!

Seven horses in the sky

Seven horses passing by

Seven horses won’t get tired

See how they running

4 responses

  1. Hey Marijke, just to say I still miss you here!!! You look so well and soooo relaxed! It’s lovely to see! xx

    1. Heya, nice to see that you are still following us even when there is nothing special to see šŸ™‚ Not missing work at the moment but missing you guys too. Lot’s of love to everyone there! xxx

  2. so nice, go on the driver’s seat, Marijke

    1. Heya my big number one fan, šŸ™‚
      I’m not allowed to drive from Patrick. I’ve already asked him a hundred times. Now, I wouldn’t want to be driving in the mountains (way to curvy) but straight road should be okay… I’m not pushing though as I’m quite enjoying it in the passenger’s seat šŸ™‚ I can take all the pictures, look outside, put my legs on the dash board, have a little nap now and then, … šŸ™‚
      Lot’s of love from the most beautiful place in Mexico (so far).

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