Jungle Sounds

At night we heard a scary sound coming from the jungle. It sounded like bear growls but according to Patrick the noise came from monkeys. There is a type here called the ‘howler monkey‘ which is known for throwing their poo at you… Hopefully we won’t come across any of those. As we were awake quite early and close to the ‘Palenque‘ site, we decided to go for an early visit. Palenque was built by the Mayan civilisation in the 100 BC. It’s mostly famous for its tomb and the temple of death.




To both our surprise, the site was huge though! There is not only the famous tomb temple to see. Also a temple of the sun, a huge palace, more temples, court yards with houses and even a ball court can still be spotted. For the fans there is even a waterfall which brings some cool air as well as these beautiful butterflies and plants.



The site visit doesn’t end where it started so we had to walk our way back to Rodrigo, a good 1.5km, up a very steep hill. By the time we arrived we were both soaking wet (not caused by any rain or waterfall) and didn’t bother discussing the price over a 1 litre bottle of water so paid a full 20 pesos to set our water levels straight. When our body temperature was back to normal and our brain could think again we headed to ‘Edzna‘, another archaeological site a good 5 hour drive away from Palenque. From the car we could spot the Mexican Gulf for a moment and we also found out how melons grow.




Tonight we are camping free style near the Edzna site. Our camping spot is in a small town in the middle of nowhere, close to a church, school (with super clean toilets), basket ball field, kids play ground and music kiosk. There are also goats walking around freely and we can hear music from a nearby house. If it would cool down a little bit more, it would be the perfect camping spot. 🙂

Get down, get down

Get it, jungle boogie

Get up then you get down, jungle boogie


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  1. These monkey really sound like a dangerous animal. Have fun both of you.

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