Take My Breath Away

After a short night camping in the central square of Noyaxche, we were woken up by the sound of tractors lining up to fill their water tanks next to Rodrigo. It did not take long before we were fully awake and, after getting dressed (between the car doors), we headed to ‘Edzna‘, our first visit of the day.

When we arrived, we were the first ones there. It’s always nice to explore a site with nobody else around! Although Edzna is not the biggest or most beautiful or most innovative, we were quite impressed with the plaza, the main temple, the ball court and the size of the iguanas!

After our visit, we continued to drive along the road heading towards ‘Uxmal’. On the way we spotted a small site with construction works ongoing. We got out of the car to have a look at the ‘Kabah‘ site. Sometimes the visits that you don’t plan, turn out to be the biggest surprises! They are still rebuilding the site (quite the puzzle…) but once it will be finished it will look amazing!



There even is a small arch on the other side of the road of the park that marks the beginning of the road to Uxmal.

We got back on the road and reached ‘Uxmal‘ a short while later – for what turned out the be the most expensive visit so far. It costs three times as much to visit Uxmal, whereas it’s equally big and impressive as the other sites. Yes, the temples and plazas are in better condition, but we still found it strange to have to pay so much more. Maybe it’s because we are getting closer to Cancun? Exploring this site in 34°C is literally breathtaking!


As we did not have a shower this morning, we were happy to discover that the hostel tonight has a swimming pool. We were in the pool within 10 minutes of parking the car!

Turning and returning to some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say
Take my breath away

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