The Best Of The First 10.000

You can consider this post as the “extras” when you buy the DVD… a unique behind-the-scenes look at Keep Calm & Drive South – celebrating 10.000 kilometers on the road. We are now even officially registered at ‘Drive The Americas‘ (check our profile!). So here’s an overview of what you didn’t see.

1. It’s not easy to stay awake after a 10 hour flight, a taxi ride and a long walk carrying all your bags…


2. There are no pirates in Canada…


3. When in Seattle, act like a Seatlleite…


4. You have to hang on to something when you’re not steady on your feet around Mount St Helens!


5. Death Valley, it really is that hot!


6. Animals on the road – an endless source of entertainment in Mexico!


7. 100% faith in Mexican engineers!


Looking forward to the next 10.000!

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