Back To Black

As we didn’t get to see much of the lake yesterday, we went for a little stroll in the morning. In the distance we could see 2 big volcanos rising through the clouds. Even at this early hour it was already getting busy in the city centre with speeding tuc-tucs driving through the streets.



These little motorbikes wouldn’t be able to take us all the way south and also Rodrigo wouldn’t have fit within (maybe it would have worked the other way around though :)) so we left ‘Larry’s Place’ and went back on the road and headed towards the black volcanic beaches of ‘Monterrico‘.



Including a detour around the lake back to Solola (highly feared unpaved road found in the opposite direction…) and a short lunch break at the side of the road it took us a good 3 hours to reach our place for the night, ‘Eco Beach Place’ where Rodrigo only just fitted through the gates. Once parked we took a seat outside on the terrace but the beach was just too beautiful to ignore so we went for a walk along the coast line.



We then hung out a little bit at the beach (sorry Sharon, no shells – only drift wood and coconuts to find here), had a drink, dreamt away in the hammocks, relaxed in the swimming pool and enjoying the perfect weather until it got dark. We had booked ourselves a tour for the night to walk along the beach to spot turtles. The beaches are famous for being the natural home of 3 different types of turtles and it’s the good time of year to see them come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. When we left it started drizzling a little bit but by the time we were 100m further the rain was pouring down!!! We put our rain jackets on and kept looking but unfortunately we didn’t see any turtles at all. By the time we were back in the B&B we were completely soaked and exhausted from walking in the wet sand. Thinking back, it’s maybe good that we didn’t see anything because there were also people driving around on trikes and I don’t think they were interested in the natural behaviour of the turtle. In this area the turtle eggs are used as an aphrodisiac.


We only said goodbye with words

I died a hundred times

You go back to her and I go back to black

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