Crazy In The Coconut

Today we weren’t very active. There was the plan to climb one of the volcanoes but somehow it was noon before we knew it. We had to clean out the tent to let the sleeping bags dry which took most of the morning. As it takes about 8 hours to go up and come back down the volcano before sunset, we couldn’t join any groups anymore. So we left our campground and started looking for a new place to stay for the night.

Whilst we drove down the island looking for a new campsite we made a stop at the ‘Ojo de Agua‘ – supposedly a fountain of youth. I don’t know if drinking from it will make Patrick any younger or will just condemn him to a day on the toilet tomorrow – only the future will tell :). Marijke played it safe and enjoyed a fresh coconut instead, chopped open on the spot!




After the relaxing swim we headed to a hotel to see if we could camp there as well. As it was only 5 dollar to camp and they offered us free towels we decided to go for it! We then drove to the town where the ferry arrives, to book a spot for tomorrow. We have a reservation now for 12:30pm, so we’ll make sure to be there on time as we know the boat doesn’t hold for latecomers. In a nearby local coffee bar we enjoyed a coffee and a Jamaican ice-tea.


We drove back to the campsite – crossing the landing strip of the airport on the way! We also stopped to pick up our laundry. As not everything was dry we will have to hang it out to dry tonight still.



Lie down on the couch – what does that mean?

You’re a nut – you’re crazy in the coconut

What does that mean?

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