The Book Lovers

Time to say goodbye to the island! Today we headed back to the mainland and continued our path towards the south. As the ferry only left at 12:30pm we had the morning to chill out and have a late breakfast. Marijke was passionately gripped by her book whilst Patrick took a little stroll on the beach on the lake site to see the last glimpses of the volcanoes and black lava beaches.

At 11:00am we drove towards the port where we waited for the ferry to arrive. Once Patrick had manoeuvred the car (now as an experienced professional – he had done it once before) on the boat we looked for a place on the sun deck. The sun was shining nicele out there and there were also not that many little flying bugs (which seemed to be a real plague today). By the time we were halfway through the lake, the book was finished and passed on to his next owner who also got sucked in by the story immediately.


Back on the mainland we headed for a Pacific Ocean beach camping called ‘Castaway hotel’. When we got there – which was a challenge on its own – Rodrigo even had his very first mud slide course today – we noticed that the camping wasn’t reachable by car so we opted for the neighbouring campsite instead, ‘Campground Mathilda’s’. It’s quite an expensive one (10 USD for the night, no hot water and no internet and we are parked on the other side of the road with barbed wire, a locked gate and 2 dogs between our car and the toilet) but Patrick just didn’t want to drive all the way back up on the slippery road, at least not today.

Now that we were not going anywhere else, we relaxed at the beach which has a beautiful rock formation in the middle.






When we got back to the car and pulled up the tent, we noticed we had a little issue. I’m not sure if you can see but the back shouldn’t be twisted like that. The stick inside had somehow broken. This piece is not critical but it keeps the rain out so it’s still worth fixing. We tried to glue it back together with our super strong monkey duck tape but that didn’t really work. With no solutions at hand tonight, we pushed the broken stick back in and we’ll try to buy some though electricity wire tomorrow or the day after to see if that might do the trick.


Notice also that Rodrigo is slowly but surely collecting more country stickers!

Lines and lines of book spines cover every wall

Dirty aisles along the titles

Where you run your eyes

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