(Get Out Of My Dreams) Get Into My Car

Today we got to pick up Rodrigo from the Toyota dealer! With everything fully repaired and the free courtesy carwash on top, we got in and got back on the road. Destination for today was a campground near the ‘Poas‘ volcano. The maintenance was not as cheap as we hoped (about 3/4 of what we paid in Canada), but we did get a bit of a discount.


The first campground which we were looking for, ‘Alajuela Campground’, no longer existed. The second one ‘Lagunillas Lodge’ was divided from us by a steep dirt road which we didn’t want Rodrigo to get stuck in. The ‘Altura Hotel’ which we came across along the way was closed and didn’t take any campers. With our options strongly decreasing, we requested a nice restaurant ‘La Casona de Dona Julia‘ if we could stay for the night at their parking lot and luckily they said it was okay. So in order to show our gratitude, we skipped the canned spaghetti meal from the cooler and ordered ourselves some late lunch.



Turns out the food here is delicious! It’s the best meal we’ve had in a while. Simply everything on the plate tasted fantastic! If you are every near the Poas volcano, you should stop there for breakfast or lunch!

To burn off the new extra calories – and to compensate for our lazy day yesterday – we went for a little walk. With all the hills here that’s easier said then done. As we were heading on a one-way trail and we were going all the way down, we returned quite quickly. We will save our energy for tomorrow.


We spent the rest of the evening watching the sun go down, reading in our books and talking about the general facts of life.

Who’s that lady walking down the road

Who’s that lady

Who’s that woman walking through my door

What’s the score?


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