Smoke On The Water

Today we were ready for some action! We were told to visit the volcano early in the morning to have a better view so as soon as we were awake, we left our camping spot and headed for the park. When we left the campground (well, restaurant parking), the owner came to wish us a good journey and gave us a flag of Costa Rica! We were absolutely speechless after this nice gesture! We arrived as the third car at the ‘Parque Nacional Volcan Poas’ gates and had to wait for the janitor to arrive with the key. Then we paid our tickets at first booth, paid for parking at the second booth, parked the car and immediately headed to the volcano crater where we got this amazing view…



Right … some amazing view! Pfff :s We waited a little bit but the only improved vision we got was with a little bit more stone and plants. A little bit disappointed we went looking for the lagoon ‘Lake Botos’ which was also located on the same trail. The trail lead us through dark and compact cloud forest (which spooked Marijke a little bit). Luckily there was a well maintained path to follow. But when we got there we had the same results: a big white canvas of fog. And then … the sky cleared up just a little bit and we could see the shores from the other side.



So with new hopes we headed back to the volcano crater and wished for the clouds to go away. It seems our wishes were heard as all of a sudden the sky opened and we could see this 300m below our feet. The crater is 1,3km across in total!


Now, THAT’S the view that we had been expecting to see first time around! And the clouds that you are still spotting there in the middle … those are active volcano fumes!! It was incredibly cool standing there on the border of the crater seeing it being silently alive. Satisfied with our very first volcano crater experience, we headed back down and indulged ourselves with some local fresh strawberries.


Then we drove all the way west towards the Pacific Ocean, destination ‘Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio‘. When we arrived it was clear that this is a very touristic area: English in every corner, helpers to park your car, helpers to find you a hotel (“no thank you very much”) and expensive rates. With not that many options we decided to overnight in the hostel closest to the National Park. Once parked and all checked-in we walked over to the beach in a sweltering 32°! We sacrificed our privacy to save $10 and we are sleeping in a dorm tonight. Maybe we are lucky and the other 12 beds will be empty!




No better way to close off the day then relaxing at the pool in our hostel. The only bad news is that we will have to eat the canned spaghetti that we left in the car yesterday!


Rain jacket in the morning and bikini in the evening… what a difference a day makes!

No matter what we get out of this

I know I know we will never forget

Smoke on the water and fire in the sky

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  1. Wow what pictures and you both look so relaxed. I know I say that in every post but it’s true. Continue your epic journey safely and Marijke, I promise to write a long email soon! ps: LOVED the shell photo!!! Stay safe! Sharon x Have a good weekend in Panama!!! xx

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