Girl(s) On The Beach

We had an abundance of pineapples at the breakfast table this morning. Damon also thought he could share his pineapple with us. Looks like we’ll be having pineapple tomorrow as well. Over breakfast we met a very friendly Dutch guy named Alex. He’s travelling the opposite direction by bike (!), so his blog might come in useful for us to check out some local information or interesting campgrounds. After sharing some personal info, stories from the road and Dutch books we packed the car again and drove out of the camping area. Alex, if you read this, we wish you all the best and hope you will make it to Alaska in time!

With the car leaving soon on the boat to Colombia we don’t have many exiting visits planned within the coming days. Priority number one is to get into Panama City by Sunday evening. So today we didn’t do more than drive closer towards the capital. We noticed that the roadside shops have raised their game: they are now selling lobsters instead of iguanas! Around midday we arrived at today’s campground ‘Las Lajas Cabinas’ and parked next to the beach.


Since Marijke didn’t sleep very well last night and we arrived early in the afternoon with a beautiful shining sun, we felt too temped. So we put our blanket on the beach and spent the full afternoon lazying in the sun.




Sharon, if you need to catch up on your shell collection, this is really the place to be! You can literally pick up a fully intact shell every 30 cm.


Tomorrow we will try to leave early in the morning because we still have quite some distance to cover before we reach our destination. Most importantly, we will cross the Panama canal, one of the engineering wonders of the modern world!

How we love to lie around

Girls with tan of golden brown

The girls on the beach

Are all within reach

2 responses

  1. Wow I’d never want to leave!!! I’d build a house from shells!!!! Looks like heaven on earth! Have a great week!! About to start my uploads, Marijke!!! xxxx

  2. Girls on beach, hihihihi. enjoy, you two girls 😛

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