Joe Le Taxi

With the car safe in the container, it was time to move ourselves to another continent. Thankfully we did not have to do that in a dark box. We booked tickets last week to fly from Panama City to Cartagena with Copa Air, Panama’s flag carrier.

We got up at 7:00am for a quick breakfast and then took a taxi to the airport. The first taxi that we tried to hail was pulled over by the police before he reached us because he drove through a red light. The next one did obey (most) traffic rules so he managed to reach us. We got in and speeded to the airport. We met Nate and Sarah in the airport and after check-in and security we got a coffee – seems like the coffee cartel decided that coffee should cost $3 no matter where you buy it in the airport.


The free internet at the airport provided some entertainment and before we knew it we were on board and heading to Colombia. As it was a bit early to have a beer, Patrick only had an Atlas when we were served lunch.

It’s only a short one hour flight to Cartagena and it’s definitely easier to cross a border without a car! We took a taxi to the hostel – and contemplated how many more taxi’s we would be taking as we are now carless. In Cartagena we did some grocery shopping and tonight we’ll look into how we will spend the weekend. There will only be news on the car earliest on Monday, when we hope the boat will arrive! In the meantime we will hold an Apple convention in the hotel lounge…


Tomorrow we will explore the city a bit more!

Joe le taxi

C’est sa vie

Le rhum au mambo


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