96 Degrees In The Shade

Welcome to Cartagna, the hottest city on earth! That may not be statistically true, but it does feel like that! The coldest temperature ever recorded here is 18° Celsius. There is only a very light breeze coming over the Carribean Sea, so it’s hot and sticky all day long! Thankfully Cartagena is also a very colourful city!



We walked around in the heat and saw the ‘Torre del Reloj’ inside the walled city.


Finally we found some shade in a little park with a big statue of Simon Bolivar. Instead of counting FC Barcelona shirts (we easily see 10 of those every day), we can now count Radamel Falcao shirts!



After our little tour through the city we walked back to the hostel to cool down a bit in the air-conditioning! We only went out again after dark to have dinner at a local comedor.


Said it was 96 degrees in the shade

Real hot in the shade

Ten thousand soldiers on parade


3 responses

  1. Wow:-) I just loved this city…and Colombia overall. Enjoy!

  2. Do you get a point for the kids’ shirts?

    1. Unfortunately you cannot score points for kids…

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