I’m Totally Confused By You

Lights, camera, action! Finally the wait was over and we got news that the Seaboard Pride had arrived in the harbour. After breakfast we headed immediately to the Seaboard Marine offices to collect the bill of lading. It’s a ten minute taxi ride and then a bit of asking and wandering around to find the right office. As you can see, it’s not like the building is labelled or that there are any signs pointing to it.


We went inside and picked up our paperwork. The nice lady explained to us that we needed to head to the customs office to request a temporary vehicle import document. So we jumped in another taxi and headed to the other side of the harbour. We asked around for where we needed to be and the security guard escorted us to a lady’s desk where we had to fill out some more paperwork. After going out to get some more copies, we handed in the paperwork and made an appointment to have our cars inspected on Wednesday (tomorrow morning) at 8:00am.


We headed back to the other side of the harbour by taxi to try and locate the container with our car. When we arrived at the Seaboard office they said that we should go to the document centre next door. We got a visitor badge and walked into the document centre, which is the administrative headquarter of the port. Although we only have an appointment for tomorrow, we figured we would see what we could still achieve today. However, what really happened is that we confused the crap out of everyone (and they out of us). We did another taxi ride and we walked back and forth to the Seaboard office to try and get a stamp on a document. At the end of the day, we only had an invoice… and the news that we should come back tomorrow at 8:00am. The taxi ride back to the hotel was not the most comfortable considering the speed, start-stop action, strong air freshener and constant honking.

It looks however like everything is set for getting the car back tomorrow. Maybe it will take a bit more confusion and a few more blank stares, but we’ll make it happen! Pictures of happy people in cars coming soon!

I’m totally confused by you

Ten foot man, making my lunch

You’ll never understand


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