We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

With Rodrigo back on the road, we checked out of the hotel this morning. We have a whole new continent to explore, so no time to waste. Patrick went out at 8:00am together with Nathan to buy car insurance. They had to stop at 4 different offices before they got the documents they needed – and the last office was on the 8th floor (lift not working, of course).

With the car insurance sorted, we packed the car and left behind the air-conditioned hotel room! As Nathan and Sarah were heading in the same direction today, we decided to aim for the same camping spot in Sahagun – which is on the way South to Medellin. Driving through Cartagena traffic, we quickly lost sight of the other car, so good thing we had the navigation! Miraculously we found each other again a couple of kilometers further.

Once we got outside Cartagena we hit Colombia’s toll roads – there are plenty of those here. We drove past a couple of police checkpoints, but we did not have to stop. We had fried tilapia for lunch at ‘Los Campanos’ and arrived at our destination around 4:30pm. We only covered 220km today although we spent a lot of time in the car.
We arrived at the hostel and restaurant ‘La Finca’ in Sahagun and they agreed to let us camp on their parking lot for 10.000 pesos (about 4 euro). A few minutes later, the owner Romina came outside and said she would let us stay in a room for 12.000 (not even 5 euro for a clean room, a ceiling fan and private bathroom!). We took her up on the offer and had a nice dinner at the restaurant, where we were offered free ‘ague de palena’ (a local drink made from sugarcane and lime) and an extra helping of warm beans. After the hotel nights in Panama and Cartagena it was really great to be welcomed by such nice people!
We gotta get out of this place
If its the last thing we ever do
We gotta get out of this place
‘Cause girl, there’s a better life
For me and you

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