Cuando Yo Me Voy Para Medellín

Looks like we were right… the trucks were very loud and kept us awake for most of the night. Around midnight a truck pulled up next to us in the car park, which at least kept Rodrigo out of view of the highway traffic. Otherwise the night was rather uneventful as José was on patrol.


We were up at 7:00am (well, we were awake a long time before that but we stayed in the tent until then) and an hour later we were on the road again. Nate and Sarah followed us up to Medellin, where we went separate ways. We made it to Medellin around noon and after a very confusing roundabout (we figured it out the third time) we followed the ‘Rio Medellin‘ to guide us out of the city. We continued the drive towards the south and parked the car outside of Manizales. No camping tonight as we found a hospedaje (you can compare it to a motel) with a room and parking for 25.000 pesos (that’s about €10). Considering that lack of sleep in the last 2 days we are looking forward to a night of uninterrupted dreams…

Cuando yo me voy para Medellín

En cada montaña yo dibujo trozos de ti

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