Get Off Of My Cloud

We arrived in Canas yesterday in the rain, but this morning the sun was out – and followed us all day. We picked up croissants for breakfast on the road and after about 20 minutes, we could see the Andes mountains reach above the clouds. As we drove up and down mountains today, we even reached temperatures of 30° Celsius again in the valleys.




We continued our drive down the Panamerican highway and made a stop for lunch in a small mountain town. We were not really sure what or how much we really ordered – but for $4 we had soup, chicken, steak, rice and beans and a lemon juice. We made some copies for the border crossing tomorrow and continued to look for a flag sticker for the car – without success.


As we need to stick to our schedule a bit – and there is so much to explore in Peru and beyond – today will be our last full day in Ecuador. For the driver this has been the easiest country since the US… I wonder what Peru will be like!


Hey, you, get off of my cloud

Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd

On my cloud baby

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