Run My Baby, Run

Today we tried to cover some distance. So early in the morning we left our campground near Tucume and headed for the next big city, Trujillo. Along the way we drove through beautiful sites. We saw plain deserts, sand dunes, rice fields, mountains and sugarcane fields. Unfortunately we also noticed that Peru has a lot of pollution. It seems that they are just dumping everything in the desert and then nobody looks after it anymore. It was difficult to make some pictures without plastic bags or bottles scattered in front.





Once we arrived at the campground we enjoyed the afternoon sun. We were not the only ones enjoying the scene as we got a visitor who came to say hello.



We also met a very nice Dutch couple who has been on the road already for quite some time, more than 3 years. They even ticked off China, Russia, South-Africa and Asia on their travel list. In the evening we went for a small dinner in a nearby vegetarian restaurant which is owned by a Dutchman and a Peruvian lady. Funny how small the world can be sometimes but it was also nice to be able to talk in our native language after such a long time on the road.


Run from the noise of the street and the loaded gun

Too late for solutions to solve in the setting sun

So run my baby run my baby run

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