The Supposed Golden Path

We left the campground early in the morning as we had 500km to cover. Believe me, that’s a very long drive here! You never know if you are going to hit road works (plenty of those around), road blocks (villagers putting branches on the road for whatever reason), car trouble (although Rodrigo is proving extremely faithful), deviations (our least favourite word in Spanish is ‘desvio’). We were on the road around 8:00am and we were greeted by sunshine in the desert! The surroundings lit up in bright yellow and blue!


In the afternoon we hit more fog coming from the Pacific Ocean with every now and then some sunshine. We had lunch by the side of the road and a police car stopped to check if we were not having car trouble. You see, most police officers are very friendly and helpful.


We reached our campground in the ‘Lomas de Lachay‘ around 4:00pm. The ecosystem – in the middle of the desert – is fed by the mist and for sure it is the wet season here now! We could see around 50m around the car, but not further. The chef prepared some noodles while it was still light outside and after dinner we went to sleep in our tent – for a record 6th night in a row!



As I walked along the supposed golden path

I was confronted by a mysterious specter

He pointed to the graveyard over on yonder hill

I paused in cosmic reflection confused and wondering

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