The Best Of The Second 10.000

The first 10.000km took us from Vancouver in mid July to Palenque in southern Mexico at the end of August. The second 10.000km took us from there to just south of Lima, Peru! That’s through 10 countries in total: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru!

Here’s part two of the things that did not make it to the blog!

1. Patrick’s shaving job in Guatemala, half finished (or half started…)


2. We don’t always (try to) look our best on pictures


3. People in Costa Rica are really into the SM business


4. Sometimes we have an off-day too


5. Eating a chocolate ice cream can be tricky sometimes


6. Aaahh, the homo sapiens and the morning rituals in the wild


7. Climbing down a hill without your walking shoes can be pretty darn dangerous


8. Clothes – check – done, good (enough) for one more day


9. Some days can be pretty stressful


10. Spelling mistakes are made here as well … haha, frut salad (it’s funny in Dutch)


On to the next 10.000km!!

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