That Old Familiar Feeling

After a good night of sleep and a healthy American breakfast in the morning we said goodbye to the other travellers and our campground spot on the wild beach. On our way to Camana we came across beautiful coast lines and farm fields.



Unfortunately when we arrived in Camana we did not manage to make it to 12 nights of camping in a row. The campground we were looking for had been transformed into a construction site. We both actually felt sorry for having to resort to a hotel again. Luckily we didn’t have to look very far as we found a hotel with car parking near the city centre.

Once we were checked in we headed into town in search of internet (we couldn’t connect to the one in our hotel) and a nice restaurant which we were both able to find. It’s been a while since we had Asian food so as soon as we spotted this ‘Chifa’ place we didn’t think twice.


At night we realised we weren’t going to catch a lot of sleep as the whole city seemed to be celebrating Halloween in the street and we couldn’t close the windows (we definitely should start adding the window-check on our checklist). So Marijke asked reception at 2:00am if we could be moved to another room, with success. The new room had much better insulation and with the help of some ear plugs we managed to get a quiet night in a cosy warm bed after all. Maybe sleeping in a hotel room isn’t that bad after all. 🙂

Give me back that old familiar feeling

Let me feeling like I was someone

Give me back that song we sang in harmony

Just you and me singing together

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