Every Stamp In My Collection Is A Place We Could Go

After our eventful night, we had a quick breakfast and made our way to the Chilean border. After 2 weeks in Peru it was time for country number 14 on this trip.


The border was really close to our campsite, so it only took about half on hour to get there. We got ourselves stamped out of Peru and a few moments later Rodrigo’s paperwork was cancelled as well. With part one of the process completed, we drove to the Chilean side. We parked the car in a big car park and lined up for the immigration officer. We stood in line for about 30 minutes and we got our stamp soon afterwards. That only left the small detail of the car inspection. Chile is very serious about what you can and cannot bring into the country. Fruit and vegetables are a big no-no. We declared all our food (otherwise you risk a 200 dollar fee) and all the fresh food was taken. After the car inspection, Patrick went to get the import documents for the car. That only took about 5 minutes and they did not need any copies of anything. They did not even check the car’s identification number.

Safely across the border we drove to a campsite nearby. It was great to see that there are definitely more camping options in Chile than in Peru. We had a small barbecue to celebrate!



You know I can’t believe I’m telling everyone that I know

That every stamp in my collection is a place we could go!


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  1. Jullie zien er allebei stralend uit, het reizen gaat jullie goed af. Doe zo voort !

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