Just Like A Paper Tiger

So far we have been able to get the car insured in every country at the border. In Chile and Argentina it’s not so straightforward unfortunately! In Peru or Ecuador, you pay someone 10 dollars over the counter of their kitchen and they give you a nice official document that you can show to the police. In Chile, you may have to visit 10 offices of insurance companies and not be able to get insurance at all. That’s what we did for most of the day… we’ll spare you the details but it has not been solved yet.


We decided to stay in the same campground for another night – as we did not feel like racing to a new campground in an uninsured car! We took some time in the afternoon to walk around the beach and visit our neighbours – a colony of sea lions. We never knew that sea lions make so much noise at night, but apparently they cry like angry babies. Thankfully they were far enough!


On the beach we spotted a big star fish and more shells than any collection can house. The ocean is quite rough here and when the waves crash against the rocks, the water splashed 2-3m high in the air!




With plenty of time on our hands we perfected our barbecue skills, grilling sausages, potatoes and eggplant over the fire!


Just like a paper tiger

Torn apart by idle hands

Through the halter skelter morning

Fix yourself while you still can


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  1. Wow I think I would be in heaven there! Wouldn’t want to leave!!! xx

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