In The Cold Cold Night

Okay, we were expecting it to be cold – but it was really too cold. By morning, all our water had frozen and our toes were popsicles. We had a rough night due to the altitude unleashing its fury on Marijke. We will spare you all the details, but I can tell you that the little fox did not hang around the car all night. We know altitude sickness is a serious thing – and we had taken precautions by first acclimatising on 2,300 meters. However, we quickly decided to start driving back down around 6:45am as it started getting light outside. We packed the car in -8° Celsius and prayed that Rodrigo’s heating would miraculously start working (so far we only had one setting: ice cold). And yes, in our hour of need the automotive gods smiled down on us. Rodrigo started pumping hot air into the cabin and we slowly drove down the mountain.


Around 9:00am we were back at our previous campground and a more convenient 2,300 meters high. As our bodies had endured quite the altitude sickness package during the night, we decided to keep calm today and hang around the campground to let ourselves settle down. We also looked at our travel planning and our options for selling the car in Buenos Aires. Our current plan is to be in Buenos Aires within 7 days. That should leave us time to take care of business there!

I saw you standing in the corner

On the edge of a burning light

I saw you standing in the corner

Come to me again in the cold, cold night

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