The Finish Line

Although we liked Chile very much, it was again time to move over to a new country, the last one in the list: Argentina! We started our journey early in the morning to allow ourselves some time to cross the high mountains. During the first kilometers this huge volcano kept us company on the left side of the road.


Then we were surprised to see something that looked like ice but which were small salt sculptures. Some were really big!


Further down the route we came across salt flats, mountain lakes, mountain roads and other beautiful creations.


Around noon we crossed the last border – which proved to be the easiest border crossing ever (or maybe we are getting good at this?). All facilities were gathered in one building and had ranking numbers informing us which office to go to next. People were also very friendly and helpful. After one hour we were welcomed to Argentina and we could further explore the mountain sights. We also crossed this big salt lake which was very bright for our untrained eyes.


After some more rolling down the hills – we had reached a maximum of 4.700 meters and had to get back down to 2.300 meters – we finally arrived at a small city which hosted a nice camping area. Patrick took the role of master chef and cooked ourselves some very spicy noodles. Unfortunately a small sand storm ruined the second batch of noodles but the first one was enough to ease both our hungry stomachs.


Tomorrow we need to go to the Toyota dealer to have Rodrigo checked out. It seems like we’ve lost a bit of power going up hill and the engine is shaking a bit more then he should. Hopefully it will only take a bit of coughing syrup and nothing major is going on.

A distant motorcade and suddenly there’s joy

The snow and ticker tape blurs all my senses numb

It’s like the finish line where everything just ends

The crack of radios seems close enough to touch

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  1. Last bit of journey, when are you coming back ? no hurry though 🙂

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