Go To A Lake Of Fire And Fry

With Rodrigo back in top shape and a relaxing night in a proper bed, we started the day fully energised. We decided to continue our drive to Buenos Aires and picked a nice camp site near the ‘Mar Chiquita’ as our destination. That meant a drive of about 400km in total, which we covered in about 6 hours. It was another hot day, with midday temperatures reaching 39° Celsius, so it was good to sit in the car. Everyone now and then we made a small stop for fuel, water or internet.

We pulled up to the quiet town of Miramar on the lake. We found some camping options and finally opted for a lakeside spot. The lake is slowly disappearing and will ultimately become a salt flat – a very big one. We had dinner on the stone table, took some pictures of the car and set up the tent as the wind was picking up. We fried some more noodles and ‘croque monsieur’ before going to bed!




Where do bad folks go when they die

They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly

Go to a lake of fire and fry

See them again ’till the Fourth of July


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