On The Radio They Played November Rain

Well, it’s been a while… but we had some rain again. A lot actually. Around 4:00am we decided to evacuate the tent as the wind was really blowing hard. We closed the tent and found refuge inside the car! We slept in the back seat for a bit more, but around 6:30am we were wide awake. We decided to drive to the town square a few blocks down the road to get internet access and investigate our next move. We picked up the news that the planned sale in Buenos Aires will not go ahead, so we fired off some e-mails to find other interested people. We got some quick replies and throughout the day we stopped every 45 minutes at petrol stations to check our mail.


The drive today was long… longer than we’ve driven in a long time. We covered 590km crossing towards the east. We stopped in Baradero, which is a nice fishing village. We visited some campings and kept looking as we thought most options were too expensive for too little comfort. We finally found a spot near the river and only went out for pizza.


Driving around in the town, a guy came out to congratulate us on our monumental trip – and wished us good luck. That was a really nice gesture as we had a bit of a rough day dealing with making new plans for selling the car. The guy invited us to look at his guesthouse and see if we wanted to spend the night there, but unfortunately it was too expensive.

We’re starting to understand Argentine Spanish a bit more every day, but when we ordered ‘pollo’, the waiter did not understand us until we pronounced it something like “pojeau”.

On the radio we heard November Rain

That solo’s really long, but it’s a pretty song

We listened to it twice ‘cause the DJ was asleep


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