You Better Shop Around

Some time ago we decided on Buenos Aires as the end point of our journey. As we’re getting closer to the end, we also tried to sell some of our camping equipment. We cleaned up the car, sorted out which stuff we’re not taking back home and then made a nice display. As the campground was filling up with weekend campers, we went around to advertise our stuff. The little red seat was the first to go… and about an hour later we had sold our 2 coolers, some of the plastic boxes, the jerry can and the little red tub we use for doing the dishes. We had some fun with the other campers as well as they wanted to see the inside of the tent. We tried to sell the car as well but unfortunately that was a bit more difficult.


The short drive to Buenos Aires – and the last official kilometers of Keep Calm & Drive South – was pleasant. The sun was out and the roads around Buenos Aires were in good condition. We had booked a room in Punta Chica outside of the city centre so we had space to park the car. The parking space was a bit small and it will be quite the adventure reversing the car out again. The room however turned out to be a small house and our host Betina was there to welcome us.


We set up our used camping gear shop on the road side to try and sell the remaining equipment. We’ll donate everything that is left – but whatever we can sell is a nice bonus. Despite all Marijke’s charm it took about an hour to sell out pots and pans – and that was the only item we sold. Our store signs gradually got more desperate – until be decided to call it a day around 6:00pm




We went to the supermarket with the money we made and bought supplies for the next 3 days. We’ll be here for a short while as the car is fixed at the Toyota dealer here before selling it… hopefully!

Before you ask some girl for her hand now

Keep your freedom for as long as you can now”

My mama told me, you better shop around

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