What’s New Buenos Aires?

What better way to start a sunny Sunday morning than with a nice breakfast? Through the luxury of our little house in Buenos Aires we are slowly but surely getting accustomed to sleeping in a bed, having a fridge and constant internet connection.


We headed into Buenos Aires on the train today, the city of tango, Evita Peron, Boca Juniors versus River Plate, the pope, … . The first train we were on broke down and everyone had to get out, but the second one got us to the city center! Buenos Aires is a really beautiful city on a Sunday morning. Wide lanes, plenty of green and beautiful buildings. We did not take a lot of photographs today, but here’s one of Marijke outside the ‘Casa Rosada’, which is the Argentine equivalent of the White House.


The Plaza de Mayo is the place where for thirty years the ‘Madres de Plaza de Mayo’ used to protest every day. Their children disappeared during the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983.


Everywhere in Argentina you can find signs that the Falklands (‘Las Malvinas’) belong to Argentina. It’s an issue that we don’t really understand… but it’s a sensitive topic here still…


We had a nice lunch at a local parillera – where meat is grilled continuously and vegetables are optional.


We took the train back in the early evening and relaxed around the house a bit. The owner kindly donated a suitcase so we don’t have to buy a new one to be able to get back home! Tomorrow we take Rodrigo in for replacing the ignition coil, we need to have our laundry done urgently and we need to sell some more equipment!

What’s new Buenos Aires?

I’m new–I want to say I’m just a little stuck on you

You’ll be on me too!


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  1. Heya, that’s it, Relax and smile !!!

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