(One For My Baby And) One More For The Road

Well, when you’ve driven across 15 countries, it’s only a small step to add one more! As we may be able to sell the car in Montevideo, we hit the road towards Uruguay. You can take the ferry across the Rio de la Plata (which takes about 3 hours) – or you can drive around and cross over land. We decided to drive over land and cross the border that way. We only needed to be in Montevideo on Friday, so we had some time.

It was definitely more cloudy today than it has been the last days. The drive up north was very quiet. As we were running out of Argentine pesos, we had to make a quick stop at Carrefour to take out some more cash and stock up on supplies. After a couple of hours and a small meat feast (we forgot that you can’t take this over the border and we didn’t want to waste it) we reached the ‘Puente Internacional’ at Fray Bentos, an impressive bridge between Argentina and Uruguay.


After crossing the bridge and paying for the toll, we pulled out for the most efficient and thorough border crossing in the Americas! In less than 29 minutes we were stamped out of Argentina, stamped into Uruguay, car import permit cancelled for Argentina, car import permit received for Uruguay, car inspected by customs official and car searched by a big labrador for any contraband. It was the most thorough search to date, although they did not bother to check the tent.

We drove to the first town to find a campground and once we arrived we rewarded Rodrigo with his final sticker.


I could tell you a lot

But you got to be true to your code

So make it one for my baby

And one more for the road


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  1. So close & so far away! I’m at anchor in front of Montevideo, we are waiting to start a project in Rio Grande, Brasil.
    No possibility for me to go on shore but if you can take a boat… Always welcome!

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