The Camp Sites

To give you an idea about the places where we stayed and/or to help you maybe find your own accommodation, we will create an overview as we move from one place to the other. We also added a rating so that you have a feeling about our recommendation. Hopefully you will find some useful information within this overview.

+++ this place is the best, we really enjoyed staying here

++ we liked staying here but some things could have been improved

– we didn’t like this place very much

AirBnB at 5033 Chatham Street, Vancouver, Canada (++)

  • It’s in a very pretty and calm neighbourhood
  • The place is really clean and well preserved
  • There is already a lot of equipment available for you to use (soap, kitchen stuff, washing machine, etc)
  • Close to the sky-train
  • Wireless network available
  • Some troubles with the locks though


AirBnB at 4595 Rupert Street, Vancouver, Canada (-)

  • The bedroom is big enough for 2 people
  • Little storage space though and only one small window
  • No private bathroom
  • Living room and kitchen to be shared with the host family
  • Wireless network doesn’t work that well


AirBnB at 77 Windsor Count, Richmond, Canada (++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Lovely breakfast in the morning
  • Located near the highway so expect some noise at night
  • Located in residential neighbourhood
  • Excellent parking options
  • Clean and spacious bedroom with private bathroom
  • Wireless internet available


Hotel Squamish at 37991 Second Avenue, Squamish, Canada (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Very spacious room (including a fridge)
  • Quiet mountain village (deserted at night and bubbling with live during the day)
  • Washing machine and dryer available for only $1.00
  • Highspeed wireless internet


AirBnB at 1747 Pritchard Street, Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, Canada (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Beautiful environment and lovely neighbourhood
  • Home-made breakfast
  • Wireless internet doesn’t work that well
  • Spacious room with desk


Marco Polo Motel at 4114 Aurora North Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA (++)

  • Front parking
  • Very clean rooms
  • Shower could be improved with new shower head
  • Great price-value balance


Hudson Manor Inn and Suits Motel at 1616 Hudson Street, Longview, WA, USA (++)

  • Front parking
  • Not many windows so it’s quite dark inside
  • Clean rooms
  • Great price-value balance


Sugerloaf Mountain Motel at 62980 N US 97, Bend, OR, USA (+++)

  • Very modern and clean room
  • Highspeed internet available
  • We checked out early but hung out in the lounge for 2 more hours without issues
  • Front parking
  • Nearby burger restaurants


Campground Farewell Bend, OR, USA (-)

  • No internet available
  • No showers available
  • Water and BBQ close-by your location
  • Near a small river
  • Very clean toilets with available toilet paper and paper towels
  • Grey water sink available


Campground Eagle Lake, CA, USA (+++)

  • Internet available
  • Showers available in nearby campground
  • Water further away from your location
  • BBQ available near your location
  • Option to buy firewood
  • Very clean toilet with available toilet paper


Campground Indian Creek, CA, USA (+++)

  • Beautiful location
  • Multiple showers available on campground
  • Clean toilets and sink available with toilet paper and paper towels
  • No internet available
  • BBQ and fire pit available on your location
  • Clean and big bear locker available


Campground Sage Flat, Big Pine, CA, USA (++)

  • Beautiful location
  • Near a small river
  • No showers
  • Clean vault toilets with toilet paper but no light
  • No internet available
  • Fire pit with BBQ available on your location
  • Clean and big bear locker available
  • There was a horse parked behind our location which was quite smelly
  • Fresh drinking water available
  • Nearby town with shops, restaurants and fuel station


El Portal Motel at 420 Main Street, Beatty, NV, USA (+++)

  • Swimming pool available
  • Very clean big room with 2 big beds
  • Clean bathroom with bath tub and shower head
  • Airco, fridge, tv and microwave available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Front parking
  • Some nearby restaurants, fuel station and shops available


Marriott Grand Chateau Hotel at 75 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV, USA (+++)

  • Very big room
  • Small kitchenette available
  • Clean and big bathroom
  • Small swimming pool on rooftop
  • Small shop near reception (expensive though)
  • Close to city centre
  • Very good parking options (also for oversized vehicles)
  • Very friendly people
  • Highspeed internet available

Marriott Grand Chateau Hotel

Campground Grand Canyon KOA at 64 North State Highway, Williams, AZ, USA (-)

  • Not enough bathrooms compared to number of people staying here
  • Camp grounds for tents not close enough to the bathrooms
  • Big RV park but not accustomed to tent camping (no shadow)
  • Not very clean bathrooms, paper towels also missing
  • Close to highway
  • Go-carts for rent ($5 per 30 minutes)
  • Close to Grand Canyon National Park (1 hour drive)
  • Slow internet available


Campground Catalina State Park at 11570 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ, USA (++)

  • Very clean bathroom and toilets
  • Our campground location was too far away from the restroom but there are locations which are closer
  • Very close to different trails
  • A lot of space on the campground
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Very friendly hosts
  • No drinking water available
  • No internet available


Tubac Country Inn B&B at 13 Burruel Street, Tubac, AZ, USA (+++)

  • Available on short notice
  • Very clean and big rooms
  • All equipment available (cutlery, towels, wash products, tv, …)
  • Parking available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Very friendly hosts
  • Beautiful surroundings and garden
  • Lovely breakfast basket in the morning


Campground Totonaka RV Park at Blvd. M. F. Beltrones, Guaymas, MX (++)

  • Friendly people
  • Clean toilets and showers available
  • Laundry facilities (washer and dryers) available (note: only with US coins)
  • A lot of spaces available
  • Overnight guard available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Not a lot to do and see in the area
  • Too hot to sleep during the night in the middle of summer (35°C still)


Hotel Michel at 16 Hermosillo-Chihuahua SN, Yécora, MX (-/+)

  • Very friendly people
  • Water and shower available (but not always working…)
  • Very clean room with 2 beds available
  • Our room had a leaking sink
  • No internet available in town
  • Not a lot to see or do in the neighbourhood
  • Secure parking area in the middle of the hotel building
  • Close to town centre
  • Probably the best hotel in town…


Campground Cascadas de Basaseachic at National Park, Basaseachic, MX (-)

  • Not a real campground but it’s free
  • Dirty toilets (at walking distance too)
  • No showers available
  • No internet available
  • Beautiful waterfall in the neighbourhood
  • Expect some noise at night

Campground Villa Mexicano at Adolfo Lopez Mateos S/N, Creel, MX (+++)

  • Very big campground
  • Very friendly people
  • Clean toilets with sinks available in the reception building
  • Showers available in cabana (ask for the key)
  • Restaurant available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Close to the city center
  • Drinking water available from SIP-machine


Escondida Hotel, Chihuahua, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Available on short notice
  • Higher cost than a campground
  • Very clean bathroom, toilet and bedroom
  • No internet available
  • Possibility to park the car inside a garage near your room


Holiday Inn Hotel at 20de Noviembre, Durango, Mexico, (+++)

  • Expensive stay
  • Car parking inside the hotel walls
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Swimming pool and jacuzzi available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Close to a supermarket (across the main street)
  • Very clean room
  • Very friendly people


Campground/Restaurant Su Amigo Manual at beach, Novillero, MX (+/-)

  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Very close to local restaurants
  • Very friendly people
  • Expect storms at night in raining season
  • Not so clean toilet and showers but probably best in town
  • No internet available


Campground Roca Azul at Av. de la Carpa 1, Jocotepec, MX (++)

  • Expensive campground
  • In a very nice neighbourhood
  • A lot of clean and spacious camp sites
  • A lot of entertainment available (tennis court, very big swimming pool, kids area, …)
  • Cold but clean showers
  • Highspeed internet available near restaurant


Campground Cabanas Del Lago at Carretera a Quiroga Frente a la Cantera, Tzintzuntzan, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • You can camp in the owner’s garden
  • Close to the local town centre
  • No internet available
  • Clean and hot showers in the cabana


Campground RV Park Teotihuacan at Lopez Mateos, San Juan Teotihuacan, MX (++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Very close to the historical site of Teotihuacan
  • In the middle of the city centre
  • With closed gates
  • Clean showers and toilets
  • Internet available


Maria Barbara Hotel at Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 2300, Mexico City, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Taxi available to Mexico city centre
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Breakfast area available
  • Very clean and big room
  • Very clean bathroom
  • Fitness and swimming pool available
  • Close to Monde E shopping centre


Trailer Park Las Americas Campground at , Cholula, MX (-)

  • No internet available
  • A lot of parking space
  • No water at your camp spot
  • Toilets were not that clean
  • Swimming pool available but dirty and broken
  • Showers not clean
  • A bit run down


Overlander Oasis Campground at , Tule, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people (Canadians)
  • Very beautiful house and camp area
  • Clean toilet with toilet seat
  • Clean bathroom with hot shower available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • On walking distance to nice village centre
  • Perfect laundry possibilities in the village centre


Hotel Emilia at Salina Cruz, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Kitchen available which you can use
  • In the middle of the city centre
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Clean bathroom with hot showers available
  • Parking on the street


Rancho San Nicolas Campground at San Cristobal de las Casas, MX, (++)

  • Not sure if we paid the correct price
  • Clean bathrooms although there is a water leak
  • Clean toilets
  • Highspeed internet available
  • On walking distance from city centre
  • Be aware of snakes on the campground


Maya Bell Campground at Palenque, MX (+/-)

  • No internet available
  • Not so clean toilets and showers
  • Swimming pool dirty
  • Water available near you camp spot
  • Electricity sockets available near you camp spot
  • You might hear howler monkeys at night


Central Plaza at Noyaxche, MX (++)

  • Free camping on village central plaza
  • Clean toilets to use from nearby school
  • No internet available
  • No bathrooms available
  • If you park near the water tank, cars will wake you up in the morning

Nomades Hostel at Merida, MX (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Clean swimming pool available
  • Clean room
  • Clean toilets and showers with hot water
  • Breakfast included
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Secure parking space nearby


Playa Las Palmas Campground at Tulum, MX (++)

  • Too hot in the raining season
  • Close to the beach
  • Clean toilets available
  • Showers available (cold)
  • Nearby restaurants available


Yax-ha Campground at Chetumal, MX (++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Restaurant closes early but you can find one on the street
  • Clean toilets with toilet seat
  • Showers are no good
  • Secure parking area
  • Clean campground
  • Electricity sockets available


Victoria Hotel at Orange Walk, BZ (+++)

  • Very friendly people
  • Clean room
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Clean toilet and shower with hot water
  • Close to village centre

Monkey Bay Campground at Belmopan, BZ (+++)

  • Clean campground
  • A lot of flowers and plants to see
  • Hammocks available to use
  • Library available to use
  • Internet available
  • Clean showers and sinks (cold water)
  • Very friendly hosts


The Trek Stop Campground at San Ignacio, BZ (+++)

  • Clean campground
  • Hard to reach by car (steep path up with a lot of bumps)
  • Warm showers
  • Clean toilets
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Very friendly hosts
  • Big covered area with electricity available
  • Option to buy drinks from bar


Jaguar Inn Campground at Tikal, GT (+/-)

  • Close to Tikal archeological area
  • Cheaper than official campground
  • Dirty and cold showers
  • Noisy at night
  • Highspeed internet available (for 1 USD)


Hostal Dona Goya 2 at Flores, GT (++)

  • Front parking on the street
  • Roof top terrace with hammocks
  • Not so clean beds
  • Warm showers
  • Internet available
  • Close to lake and Flores city centre


Hotel Pasada Don Francisco at Coban, GT (-)

  • Cold and damp hotel room
  • Dirty blankets
  • Very expensive
  • Cold showers
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Inside parking area

Tourist Police Campground at Guatemala Antigua, GT (++)

  • Big campground area
  • Very friendly officers
  • Save camp site
  • Clean toilets with toilet seat
  • Cold showers
  • No internet available
  • Close to city centre
  • Only small fee for officers (ca. 40 QTZ)


Larry’s Place at Panajachel, GT (++)

  • Clean bed and bathroom
  • Inside parking option
  • Cold showers
  • No internet available
  • Close to city centre
  • Close to excellent restaurant ‘The Last Resort’


Eco Beach Place at Monterrico, GT (++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Excellent cook for dinner (he’s not that into breakfast)
  • Clean bathroom (cold shower)
  • Clean swimming pool
  • Close to beach
  • Big restaurant terrace with beach view
  • No internet available (yet)


Auto Hotel Camino Real at Ahuachapan, SV (+++)

  • Cheap rate for full night
  • Clean bathroom with warm water
  • Clean bedroom
  • No internet available
  • Secure private garage
  • Outside city centre


Hotel La Dolce Vita at Sunzal, SV (++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Clean room
  • Shower with cold water
  • Very noisy air conditioning
  • Very good restaurant with big portions
  • Internet available


Continental Place at San Miguel, SV (++)

  • Clean room with air conditioning
  • Fridge available in room
  • Clean bathroom with cold water
  • Some noise from the courtyard during evening and in the morning
  • Close to city centre
  • Inside parking area


Hostal La Tortuga Booluda at Leon, NC (+++)

  • Clean showers with cold water
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Close to city centre
  • Front park parking option
  • Kitchenette available to use
  • Drink available from bar if required
  • Covered area available to use


Campground Finca Magdalena at Isla de Ometepe, NC (+/-)

  • Toilets with seat but to be shared with bugs
  • The food is not fantastic
  • Unpaved and very curvy road
  • Camp site is far away from bathrooms
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Options to book tours from here
  • Only fixed computers with internet available


Campground Hotel Finca Venecia at Isla de Ometepe, NC (+++)

  • Clean shower
  • Very friendly people
  • You get towels, soap and extra toilet paper from reception even for camping
  • Clean wash lines available to use
  • Clean big toilets with seat
  • Very nice restaurant in the back
  • Easy to reach
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Front view at volcano Concepcion


Campground Mathilda’s at San Juan Del Sur, NC (-)

  • Very unfriendly host
  • Car parking is in separate area, across the street from Mathilda’s facilities
  • The back gate locks at night between 10:00pm and 7:00am
  • The big garage gate stays locked always
  • No internet available
  • Difficult to reach
  • Near beautiful beach
  • Clean showers and toilet


Hotel Guanacaste at Liberia, CR (+++)

  • Internet available
  • Friendly people at reception desk
  • Small but clean rooms
  • Parking area available
  • Covered area available to use (with sockets)
  • Next to Toyota car dealer


Castle Tam Hostel at Avenida 4, San Jose, CR (++/+++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Parking on the street
  • Big room with private clean bathroom (with hot water)
  • Option to use towels from the house
  • Kitchenette available to use (a bit worn off)
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Close to city centre
  • Close to lavanderia


Campground at restaurant La Casona de Dona Julia, Alajuela, CR (+++)

  • Free camping at parking
  • Clean toilet and sink available
  • Very beautiful surroundings
  • Calm neighbourhood
  • Delicious food from the restaurant
  • No internet available
  • Covered area available to use


National Park Backpackers Hostel at Quepos, CR (+++)

  • Clean toilets and showers
  • Clean swimming pool
  • You get clean cushion cover and bed sheets
  • Kitchenette available (although stove is not working very well)
  • Very close to beach
  • Very close to Manuel Antonio national park
  • Small parking space available
  • Highspeed internet available


Camping at Futterby Hostel, Uvita, CR (+++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Clean toilet and bathroom
  • Option to park inside
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Beach at walking distance
  • Supermarket at walking distance
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • On Thursday there is a food truck passing by


Camping at Sierra Hotel, Golfito, CR (+++)

  • Free camping at parking
  • Bit of a walk to the toilets but okay
  • Showers from swimming pool
  • Clean toilets
  • Big and clean swimming pool
  • Small restaurant
  • Very friendly reception
  • Highspeed internet available

IMG_1230 IMG_1227

Camping Pension Topas at Boquete, PA (++)

  • Friendly host
  • One toilet and small shower to share with all
  • Covered area (not that much light though)
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Electricity possible (+ 4 USD)
  • Parking inside costs extra (+4 USD)
  • No kitchenette
  • Clean area with a lot of trees and plants


Campground Las Lajas Cabinas at Las Lajas, PA (++)

  • Friendly hosts
  • Beautiful and calm beach
  • Cold outside showers available
  • Toilets with seat available
  • Option to use covered area from unused cabina
  • No internet available
  • Parking at grass area near cabins


Panama by Luis Hostel at Panama City, PA (+++)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Small kitchenette available
  • Free pancakes in the morning
  • Internet available
  • Rooms with private bathroom available
  • Clean and hot shower
  • Parking outside gate
  • Inside city centre residential area
  • Walking distance to supermarket and McDonalds

Casatatis B&B at Cartagena, CO (++) (GPS N 10°25.321 W 75°32.719)

  • Very hot inside the common areas
  • Kitchenette is missing a stove (only fridge and microwave available)
  • Very close to old city and castle
  • Very close to restaurants and supermarket
  • Clean private bathroom with semi-cold showers
  • Laundry service available
  • Highspeed internet available

La Finca restaurant hospedaje at Highway 25, Sahagun, CO (++) (GPS N 08°55.332 W 75°26.673)

  • Restaurant with very good food available
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Very friendly hosts
  • Parking right outside
  • Rooms were okay (12.000 pesos per room for 2 people)
  • Security during the night


Gas station camping at Highway 25, Valdivia, CO (++) (GPS N 07°12.901 W 75°25.013)

  • Very friendly hosts (paid 5.000 pesos per car)
  • Very clean toilets available all night
  • Restaurant available
  • Beautiful view over the hills
  • Very noisy at night due to passing traffic
  • Security during the night
  • No internet available


Hospedaje at Manizales, CO (++) (GPS N 05°03.535 W 75°36.519)

  • Next to Terbel gas station
  • Parking area surveyed all night
  • Rooms are 25.000 pesos per night, including parking
  • Clean shower and toilet
  • No internet available

Hostel Trail in Popayan, CO (+++) (GPS N 2°26’37.07 W 76°36’36.41)

  • Cold showers (even if they advertise differently)
  • Clean and spacious room
  • High speed internet available
  • Nearby secured car park
  • Close to city centre
  • Very friendly host
  • No kitchen available
  • Laundry service available
  • Nice breakfast for 5.000 pesos only

Las Delicias Motel in Pasto, CO (++) (GPS N 1°10.893 W77°16.965)

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Cold showers (unless you opt for a more expensive room maybe?)
  • Clean bed
  • Covered car parking
  • Very friendly owners
  • No internet available

Camping at Oasis Hosteria, Ibarra, EC (++) (GPS N 00°26.878 W 78°00.426)

  • Very friendly owners
  • Clean and wide camping area available behind hostel gates
  • Option to use swimming pool
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Restaurant open till 9:00pm (optional)
  • Cold showers


Venus Motel, Latacunga, EC (++) (GPS S 00°58.750 W78°36.369)

  • No internet available
  • Very good price
  • Gets quite cold at night
  • Clean bathroom
  • Cold showers

Hotel Canaris Cuenca, EC (++)

  • Friendly owners
  • Option to park inside (for small cars)
  • Hot showers
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Next to busy highway
  • Some midnight noise
  • Restaurant available

Descanso Hostel, Catacotcha, EC (++) (GPS S 4° 02.538 W 79° 38.702)

  • Clean bathroom
  • Big bed with nice beddings
  • No internet available
  • Cold showers
  • Next to Panamerican Highway


California Hostel, Piura, PE (-) (GPS S 5°11.800 W 80°37.719)

  • No internet available
  • No windows in the room!
  • Next to reception, very noisy
  • Only one thin sheet on the bed
  • Dirty shower
  • No toilet seat
  • Very unfriendly staff

Camping at Rancho Santana, Pacora, PE (+++) (GPS S 6° 25.701 W 79° 50.110)

  • Internet available (no wi-fi)
  • Hot showers available
  • Very friendly hosts
  • Very calm area
  • A lot of farm animals (horses, dogs, cats, cow, goat, …)
  • You can use kitchenette
  • Very clean


Camping at RV Park Huanchaco Gardens, Huanchaco, PE (+++) (GPS S 8°04.386 W 79°07.106)

  • Very friendly hosts
  • Laundry possible
  • Hot showers available
  • Close to sea side
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Restaurant available
  • Swimming pool available
  • Clean toilets and bathrooms


Camping at Reserva National de Lachay, Lachay, PE (++) (GPS S 11°22.465 W 77°22.379)

  • Very friendly park ranger
  • A lot of parking space (3 different camping areas)
  • Picknick tables and grill available
  • French toilets available
  • No internet available
  • No other facilities
  • Beautiful surroundings and very quiet area
  • Dirt road to campground but not too bad


Camping at restaurant Mirasur Comida Artesanal, Panamericana Sur Km 88, Mala, Lima, PE (+++) (GPS S 12°41.879 W 76°38.555)

  • Very friendly owners
  • Beautiful garden in the back
  • Clean toilets available
  • Very nice restaurant
  • Internet available
  • To be reached from highway (via small dirt road exit)

_DSC0380 _DSC0375

Camping at hostel El Dulce Estancia, Huacachina, PE (+++) (GPS S 14°05.174 W 75°45.138)

  • Very friendly owner
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Swimming pool available
  • Clean bathroom, with warm water, from private room to use
  • Clean toilet near reception
  • Very calm neighbourhood
  • Walking distance to the oasis (1km)
  • Secure inside parking


Camping at La Maison Suisse, Nasca, PE (+++) (GPS S 14°51.636 W 74°57.296)

  • Very friendly owners
  • Nice restaurant available
  • Wifi available
  • Clean bathrooms and toilets from cabins to use (cold water)
  • Swimming pool available
  • Secure inside parking
  • Laundry facility available


Camping at Puerto Inca Hotel, Puerto Inca, PE (++) (GPS S 15°50.308 W 74°18.747)

  • Showers available (cold water)
  • Camping area available (with tables)
  • No internet available
  • Restaurant available
  • Calm place at the sea side
  • Very close to ancient ruins

Hotel San Diego, Camana, PE (++) (GPS S 16°37.487 W 72°42.656)

  • Very friendly people
  • Try to request a room at backside to avoid street noise
  • Clean bathroom with warm shower
  • Internet available but we couldn’t connect to it
  • Breakfast included
  • Close to city centre

Free camping at sea side, Boca del Rio, PE (++) (GPS S 18°09.538 W 70°40.844)

  • Calm area
  • Toilets available (although closed off-season, ask nearby restaurant instead)
  • No internet available
  • Some garbage on the ground
  • Popular camping area also for locals


Camping in Arica, CL (+++) (GPS S 18°24.206 W 70°18.914)

  • Very friendly owners
  • Swimming pool available
  • No internet available
  • Very clean camping areas with electricity plug
  • Clean showers and toilets (cold water)
  • Picnic table, BBQ, etc available


Camping at Las Lomas de Tres Islas, Iquique, CL (+++) (GPS S 20°18.535 W 70°08.177)

  • Very friendly owners
  • Big swimming pool available
  • Clean showers and toilets (warm water)
  • Calm and beautiful surroundings
  • Highspeed internet available
  • Picnic tables, BBQ, etc available
  • Close to beach


Camping at Indigena Campground, Tocopilla, CL (++) (GPS S 22°21.375 W 70°15.208)

  • Friendly owner
  • No internet available
  • Clean toilet (but without water to flush)
  • Cold showers
  • Sinks available for dishes
  • Calm neighbourhood
  • Close to beach
  • No fence around the camping area


Camping at Gringo Viejo campground, Antofagasta, CL (++) (GPS S 23°44.122 W 70°26.447)

  • Friendly owner
  • No internet available
  • Cold showers
  • Clean toilets
  • Picnic table, BBQ, plugs, etc available
  • Close to highway


3 responses

  1. Prices would have be helpful . . .

    1. Hi Yishay,

      We decided not to publish any prices because it does fluctuate a lot – and the price you pay may depend on your negotiation skills. Once you are past the US border into Mexico, consider 5-6 USD for camping and 15-25 USD for a hostel. Hotels are maybe 40-50 USD depending on what you want. Prices are very reasonable – until you get to Chile where camping is again on US level prices of 15-20 USD per night.

      It’s difficult to estimate the total budget for such a trip because . I would lay out all my clothes and all my money before I leave – and take half the clothes and double the money!

      Enjoy the trip!

  2. PERFECT! I truly appreciate your responds aaaaand patience 🙂

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