The People

Hello! Thank you for visiting our blog! Let’s introduce ourselves by describing each other briefly…

Intro foto Mar

This is Marijke. During the day she works for an international logistics company, but at night she transforms into a cake-making, art-loving, book-reading, song-singing creative genius.

The things she will miss the most for the next 6 months (in no particular order) are:

  • developing her Hayday farm (level 50!)
  • using her knitting gear to make giraffes and chickens
  • mixing it up in the KitchenAid blender
  • sitting in the sun reading math books
  • drinking a cup of tea at random times during the day

She will be my navigator, Mayan history lecturer and photographer during our trip.

Intro foto Pat

This is Patrick. Over the past years he’s been working day and night for a consultancy company. In the little spare time he has left he enjoys football matches, board game nights, renovating the house and building a world of Lego fantasy with his godson.

The things he will miss the most during the next 6 months are:

  • taking a bath with a lot of bubbles
  • releasing (and generating new) frustrations at the KV Mechelen football stadium
  • enjoying a hot strong cup of coffee from his Italian coffee machine
  • playing games with his godchild, nieces and nephews
  • driving his precious car (sorry, you can’t keep it)

During the road trip he will be my tour guide, driver and entertainer.

Of course we will miss our family and friends more than anything else!

Hopefully you will enjoy following our Panamerican journey!

Marijke & Patrick

8 responses

  1. Good luck with trip Marijke – looks brill! Can I have a knitted chicken please!

  2. Have Fun Marijke and Patrick ! This trip will definitely open your eyes to different cultures and appreciate life even more. God Bless both of you in your trip and unveil momentous experiences in your journey.
    Take Care and have lots of fun!


  4. Ook een gelukkige verjaardag van mij – wordt er vast eentje ‘to remember’!
    Nog een prettige reis allebei,

    1. Muchas gracias! Ik ben de dag alvast begonnen met een stevige koffie in Colombia!

  5. Hi Marijke & Patrick,

    nice site, and lots of info,

    It would be great to feature your trip on OverlandSphere, if you have not been to Overland Sphere please check it out out we have over 100 overlanders contributing to the site!

    Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole


    1. Hey all,

      Thanks all for the birthday wishes!!

      Sunny greetings,

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