A Log On The Fire

With the car sold, we finally took some time to explore Montevideo, the largest city and capital of Uruguay. One third of the population of Uruguay lives in Montevideo – and 14 out of 16 football teams in the Primera Division are from Montevideo. We took the bus from Carrasco to the Plaza de la Independencia and walked around the colourful town.


We had lunch at the ‘Mercado del Puerto’ – a covered market dedicated to the art of grilling meat.The fire was blazing in the middle – and the best Uruguayan cuts of meat were barbecued to perfection. We had some tapas and a brochette and sat at the bar looking at the action.



In the afternoon we walked around the ‘Ciudad Vieja’ and enjoyed the summer sun. It won’t be long before we are on an airplane heading home, so we are enjoying any sunshine we can get still. The colonial architecture in this city is impressive – although the city is very quiet on a Saturday afternoon.





In the evening we went back to the ‘Mercado del Puerto’ for some more meat. Unfortunately, the waitress quit her job between taking our order and passing it on to the kitchen (no joke) so we had to wait quite some time and the restaurant tried to reorganise itself. Luckily we were not that hungry yet so we didn’t have to eat each other. 🙂 In the end the food that we received tasted really good and we went home with a full stomach.

There’s a log on the fire

And it burns like me for you

Tomorrow comes with one desire

To take me away


One response

  1. You guys are a riot! I love the yard sale signs and book peddling! I feel like only you two could have pulled that one off.

    I wish we could have spent more time traveling together! Be safe, and have a great flight home. We’ll be in touch!

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