If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

After a long night in the airport hotel, a (very) small breakfast was served in the restaurant next door. It wasn’t much more than coffee, tea, a piece of old toast and some greasy croissants. We watched a bit of tv to kill some time before noon. We took a taxi from the hotel back to the airport (it took us a quick 7 minutes as opposed to yesterday’s half hour joy ride).

Although ‘Ministro Pistarini’ airport is a lot bigger than Montevideo’s space ship, the dining options are equally limited. We had a dry sandwich and salad for lunch and then proceeded to the check-in. Our ticket was fully paid for with air miles (all those flights to Munich finally paid off), but we did make a change in our reservation a few weeks ago. As it turned out, we had a valid booking but no tickets for some reason. We had to wait for an hour and Patrick had to go to a small room behind the check-in desks to negotiate our way onto the plane. Everything was okay in the end – even our 50kg luggage went through. We cleared security and customs and collected our last stamps – and then bought some M&M’s with our remaining Argentine pesos.


We boarded the Boeing 747 airplane around 5:00pm – only to find out that because of the booking-ticket confusion we did not have seats next to each other. Through some airline miracle, Patrick had a empty seat next to him and Marijke could switch seats easily.


I would love to say that the 13 hours went by quickly, but it still is a very long flight. We arrived in Frankfurt at 11:00am and an hour later we were on the way to Brussels! Patrick’s father was kind enough to pick us up and drove us to our house. It was a great feeling to be back home.

And with that, our grand adventure came to an end! Thank you dear blog reader for your great comments… we had a lot of fun with the blog and we will release our ‘greatest hits’ post in the near future.

…y vivieron felices para siempre.

If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium

If it’s Wednesday this must be Rome

If it’s Thursday this must be Montreal

I fear I never wanna go home


3 responses

  1. Welkom terug !!!

  2. Back safe and sound!!!! Hope you are both acclimatising!!! What a trip!!! Look forward to seeing you (both! and meeting Patrick!)
    Get plenty of rest! I will be in touch. XXX

  3. Welkom terug Marijke & Patrick !! See you soon !!

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