The Thrill Of One Bite

Atlantida is only a half hour from Montevideo, so we did not have to rush today! We made sure Rodrigo was in perfect working condition and ready to be sold before leaving on our last drive of the journey.

We drove to a small B&B in Carrasco – a fancy area outside Montevideo. We parked Rodrigo behind the secured gate and after checking in and a nice chat with the friendly owner, we headed to the main street of Carrasco for a late lunch. We had a nice ‘chivito’, the national dish of Uruguay. It consists of a slice of filet mignon, bacon, eggs, ham, olives, mayonaise, tomatoes and mozzarella, served in a bun.


We stopped by the casino (although we did not go inside) to admire the colonial architecture of the grand building.


In the evening we had take-out sushi (we are by the seaside after all) to recover a bit from all the meat of the last days. Especially the one with cheese and strawberry was surprisingly delicious!


So you see, we’re not camping anymore and wherever we can, we try the local flavours. We can tell you: Uruguay is very delicious! More food pictures coming to this space soon!

It’s the rye or the kaiser, it’s the thrill of one bite

Let me please be your catering advisor.

If you want substitutions I won’t put up a fight.

You can have your roast beef on the rye or the kaiser.

Marijke said I should honour to the original so here is the link to the original…

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