Skills To Pay The Bills

Today we left early in the morning to take the public transport to Langley. This is were we wanted to check out some extra cars. After inspecting 4 cars on site plus the 3 cars from yesterday, we believe to have spotted the best choice. The car is in very good shape and we hope that it will be able to take us to Argentina without any major issues. It already has a trunk cover and the support bars installed on the roof so we don’t have to worry about that anymore.


So then we went into town to try to get a hold of the money for the car but it seems that it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, unless you have a Canadian account, none of the banks are able to give us cash from our bank accounts or make a money transfer. So we had to take as much money as we could from the cash machines and cover the rest with Visa. We didn’t manage to get the whole amount in cash though and American Express cash machines seem to be hiding in the city somewhere so tomorrow we are counting on friend’s support (thanks superman-buddy Marc for helping us out!) to do the trick when we go and try to pick up the car.

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